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IJA works with companies in virtually every business sector, and we use this cumulative experience to sharpen and refine the work we do with clients who face industry specific challenges. As such we are often asked by the press to provide commentary and opinion on topical issues and challenges facing business in the day-to-day management of security.

A selection of our recent articles are available for you to search and download as PDF files.

02 March 2006

How Prepared Are You?... (PDF, 38KB)
Business Continuity is set to be high on the Agenda for 2006.  Alex Chambers looks into the...
30 January 2006

A risky business (PDF, 61KB)
A great many corporations ingnore the tangible threat posed to their operations by fraud.  So...
10 December 2005

Finding the Right Solution (PDF, 102KB)
Important lessons in security are often missed by the Boards of UK companies.  Whether or...
10 October 2005

When is a Consultant not a Consultant?... (PDF, 66KB)
Preliminary discussions at the Security Industry Association (SIA) aimed at bringing security...
19 September 2005

To Protect And Serve... (PDF, 86KB)
What are the necessary skill sets, attributes and attitudes needed to become the...
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28 April 2005

Setting higher standards in Manned Guarding (PDF, 37KB)
As the security industry strives towards best practice, Ian Johnson, Group Managing Director...
15 April 2005

Call yourself an Expert?... (PDF, 84KB)
The British Justice System is crying out for more expert witnesses, but is it really a case of...
16 March 2005

System Addict... (PDF, 87KB)
John Julian CPP, reviews the processes involved in designing-out crime by way of physical and...
13 January 2005

Is security seen as a profession? (PDF, 45KB)
Despite much greater recognition of the importance of effective security in the wake of recent...
10 December 2004

Stopping the Leak (PDF, 106KB)
IJA's Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) team are frequently called to conduct regular 'sweeping'...
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29 October 2004

From within or without?... (PDF, 59KB)
An in-house officer team or contracted security personnel?  What's best for today's security...
02 October 2004

Routes to governance (PDF, 74KB)
Risks or loss of damage are seldom confined to any one location or function within a...
03 September 2004

The Architects of Security (PDF, 91KB)
With the threat to company security greater now than ever before, managers will need to seek...
27 August 2004

Violence and abuse in the workplace (PDF, 99KB)
Violence and abuse in the workplace can have dramatic effects on businesses and their...
08 July 2004

Full Screen Ahead - Pre Employment Screening Advice (PDF, 115KB)
Managers seeking to introduce, or ensure their background verification checks and pre-employment...
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15 June 2004

All Rise... (PDF, 77KB)
Becoming an expert witness doesn't automatically give you a season ticket at your local Court...
10 June 2004

Playing for Time (PDF, 73KB)
Adherence to the edicts laid down in the Working Time Directive necessitates forward planning by...
28 May 2004

Aviation Security (PDF, 80KB)
The events of September 11 brought the need to re-evaluate aviation security, creating an impetus...
25 May 2004

Hospital Security (PDF, 74KB)


20 May 2004

Shred of Evidence (PDF, 116KB)
Vulnerability of the information asset is crucial for all blue chip organisations. Many companies...
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16 May 2004

Screen Test (PDF, 162KB)
The screening of visitors and their baggage at airports even prior to the events of September 11th...

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