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Ian Johnson Associates - Security and Risk Management ConsultantsIan Johnson Associates - Security and Risk Management ConsultantsIan Johnson Associates - Security and Risk Management Consultants

Key Personnel

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Ian Palmer PhD (IT & Data Security Consultant)
Ian Palmer is IJA’s Senior IT Consultant with over 35 years experience in data processing; the last 20 years specialising in the security of information systems and computer crime investigation.

He has successfully conducted security audits of major networked computer systems on behalf of UK and International companies to address the risks to their organisations and computer based assets. Risks addressed include the threats posed by crime, terrorism, sabotage, vandalism, civil commotion, political instability and natural disaster.

He has produced a total strategy for IT including analysis of sensitive data and related security thresholds. Using proven risk management methodologies, he has determined cost effective countermeasures to prevent system abuse together with the organisation of appropriate recovery procedures. These projects have included modular security manuals and the provision of staff training to ensure successful implementation of the strategy. He has assisted various police forces in their investigations into computer crime and computer malpractice, as well as conducting direct investigations of misuse and fraud.

Ian has written and published extensively in the computer security field, producing recognised reference books for data security professionals as well as for the lay security manager.

Doug Lockey (Technical Services Manager)
Doug Lockey has headed IJA’s electronic countermeasures and information audit services for the past ten years. Prior to joining IJA he was Senior Programme Manager directly responsible for the design and delivery of a £100 million telecommunication programme to meet clients strategic business objectives.

With his extensive experience and knowledge of telecommunications systems, Doug is an expert in countering the threats posed by illicit eavesdropping, telephone and wiretaps as well as the fraudulent use of company telephone systems.

At IJA, Doug manages the teams dedicated counter surveillance technicians who conduct regular security inspections of client’s premises throughout the world.

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