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Monitoring and Auditing Security Processes

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Contract Guarding Audits
An independent audit of the way in which a manned security contract is being carried out will identify issues and problems that are adversely affecting performance and how these can be rectified. This service can be extended to advising on the whole tendering process, identifying manpower requirements, and drawing up assignment instructions and emergency procedures.

Communications Security Audits
IJA conducts on behalf of a number of clients a regular programme of communications security audits. This covers the whole range of communication risks from verbal and telephone conversations, to computer and e-mail communications, to the storage and disposal of confidential information.

Penetration Testing and Access Audits
One of the most powerful ways of checking for weaknesses in a company’s security measures, is by replicating the strategies that might be used to bypass these. We provide individuals or teams to try and get past human, physical or electrical controls in order to enter or leave buildings. Results are often surprising, and are extremely helpful in modifying procedures and individuals’ behaviour.

Security Healthcheck
Society’s expectations have grown in relation to organisations protecting the safety and rights of personnel and the public; this is reflected in specific legislative requirements relating to ‘corporate governance’, ‘risk mitigation’ and ‘duty of care’. To avoid damaging security failures, a number of our clients now undergo a regular a ‘corporate health check’, which includes threat and risk updates, building penetration testing, information vulnerability audits and communications security inspections.
For more detailed information on our Security Healthcheck, click here.

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